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A look at recent cement sales volumes in Latin America and the Canary Islands

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Latin America

Latin America’s cement associations have continued to release national cement statistics for August 2013. Peru’s ASOCEM has announced that domestic cement sales reached 915 490 t, while around 16 400 t of cement was exported during the month. Accumulated sales in January – August were up 9.9% y/y.

In Ecuador, sales of grey cement increased by 3.9% y/y from 557 125 t in August 2012 to 579 080 t in the corresponding month this year. Accumulated sales for the first eight months of 2013 came in at 4.27 million t, 11.3% higher than the 3.84 million t sold in January – August 2012.

In 1H13, cement production rose by 8.5% y/y in Bolivia. The regional government of Tarija has proposed the establishment of a cement plant in order to take advantage of limestone deposits in the area. A technical study into the proposal, which will look at market needs, the design of the plant, etc., is expected to take 12 months.

Canary Islands

Government statistics reveal that 39 731 t of cement was sold in the Canary Islands in July 2013, compared to 42 262 t in July 2012. On a regional level, sales increased y/y in Lanzarote, rising from 2520 t to 3406 t in July of this year. Sales volumes in Gran Canaria also grew both y/y and m/m, with sales coming in at 14 977 t in July 2013 compared to 11 193 t in July 2012 and 12 762 t in June 2013. However, cement sales volumes fell from 22 778 t in Tenerife in July 2012 to 14 616 t in July of this year.

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