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Special reports


World Cement Interview: IEEE East Coast Virtual Conference

David Bizley, Editor of World Cement, sat down with John Kline, Chairman of the IEEE East Coast Virtual Conference, to hear his thoughts on the impact of the pandemic on the cement industry, this year's virtual conference, and more.

Artificial Assistance

Ken Loh, Pan-United Corporation, discusses an intelligent optimisation platform, which uses AI and analytics among other technologies, to overcome operational challenges commonly faced in the construction industry.

Forming a partnership to overcome a cement silo perfect storm

There is no shortage of challenges when it comes to any cement silo cleanout project. Moleā€¢Master Services Corporation was contracted to resolve a number of issues at a large cement producer in northeastern Missouri, US.


World Cement Spotlight with Rockwell Automation

World Cement Editor, David Bizley, sat down with Michael Tay, Advanced Analytics Product Manager at Rockwell Automation to discuss his recent article in World Cement.


A Friend To The Environment

K.P. Schloeder and S. Schmid, Dyckerhoff GmbH, and M. Giavazzi and L. Maiocchi, Boldrocchi Srl, show how two companies joined forces to implement a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system at the Deuna cement plant in order to reduce NOx emissions.

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Playing It Safe

Todd Swinderman, Martin Engineering, discusses the methods that can be used in the planning, design and installation stages of a conveyor system to alleviate workplace hazards and extend the life of the conveyor itself.

Optimising Cooler Operation

Valentina Bordei, thyssenkrupp, discusses the optimisation of clinker coolers to meet industry demands for energy efficiency and low maintenance.

World Cement's July issue is now online

The July issue of World Cement begins by reviewing a range of industry topics, including: Maintenance, Pyroprocessing, Conveying, & Digitalisation.

Fuelling The Future

Skourides I. and Petrou S., Vassiliko Cement, and Akritopoulos M. P. and Abbas T., Cinar, discuss an innovative project at the Vasilliko cement plant, using MI-CFD analysis to reduce NOx emissions generated in the calciner.

Refractory Rescue

Wouter Garot, SILICON, describes how moveable anchoring systems could benefit the refractory industry by reducing installation and repair work and offer improved corrosion resistance for refractory materials.

In Full Flow

Hans Georg Conrads, PROMECON, outlines how gas flow can be better controlled and handled in the grinding and pyro processes in order to improve the efficiency of cement production.