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Special reports


Exploring Indian SCM Usage

Dr. S. B. Hegde, explores the growing role of supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs) in meeting sustainability goals both in India and elsewhere.


Amazing Advancements In Additive Processing

Chris Every, Coomtech Limited, discusses the potential for the cement industry to further reduce its emissions through advancing their additive processing capabilities and practices.


Talking About Milling Technology

Gebr. Pfeiffer joined World Cement to answer a range of questions on the latest developments in grinding and milling technology.


It All Comes Down To The Downcomer

Hans Georg Conrads, Promecon, discusses the difficulties that cement plants face when monitoring the gas flow from the preheater to the downcomer, and shows how advanced measuring systems can make this task easier.


Winning With Wear Protection

Sabine Groh, TLT-Turbo, considers the core variables that cause wear in industrial fans, and explains how to best protect machinery against material loss.


Teamwork Makes The Green Dream Work

Elena Soffiato, Mondi, explains how advances in bag testing and design, along with collaboration between partners, will result in a greener construction industry.


Aiding Decarbonisation

Anant Pokharna, UNISOL INC, and Dr. S P Pandey, UNISOL-STAREX India Research Centre, explain the role that bespoke grinding aids and chemical additives can play in decarbonising cement production.


Refining Kiln Alignment

Zeki Özek, Özek Makina, offers insight into the processes involved in the inspection and maintenance of rotary kilns.


An Alternative System For Alternative Fuels

FLSmidth reviews the development and installation of an entirely new combustion system that is helping Mannok Cement meet its sustainability targets.


When in doubt, upgrade your spout

Austin Anderson, Vortex Global, discusses the multitude of devices and accessories developed to improve loading spouts within a cement plant, minimising dust pollution, and optimising loading procedures.


Keen on cleaning!

Jeff Shelton, Dracyon Corp, discusses why many cement plants are not getting the most out of their air cannon systems, and the steps that can be taken to ensure they perform as effective cleaning devices.