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Special reports

Flender: At home in the mine

Download Flender’s exclusive white paper for free to learn about a solution for dealing with the harsh conditions faced by conveyors around the world.


California Here We Come

Jonathan Rowland, World Cement, recently visited CalPortland’s Oro Grande cement plant to see the plant’s new finish mill and dispatch facilities.


X-Ray Vision

Dr Peter Storer, FCT ACTech, discusses the use of X-ray fluorescence for raw mix control.


LEILAC pilot: testing is now set to commence

Testing is now set to commence and start to validate the performance of the pilot, and a significant step in enabling Direct Separation to become one of the principal methods of capturing the carbon emissions from the lime and cement industries.


A Digital Foundation

Ryan Koorts and Luis Domínguez, ABB, discuss how advanced process control and analytics can deliver real benefits to cement producers.