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Cement news updates

Time is money

When comparing imported conveyor belts with those manufactured by major European brands the price discrepancy is large, yet conveyor specialist Leslie David explains why this may be justified when considering the ‘whole life’ cost.


Celebrating a century in cement

AUMUND Group gives the story behind how an inventor and engineer’s office became an international conveying and storage technology brand, supplying cement producers world-wide.

A new era for low-carbon cement

Dr. Jose Casaban, MOF Technologies, presents a new system for carbon capture and explains why it represents a step-change for the production of low-carbon cement.

More cement news updates


Coming full circle

Heather Harding, Bricking Solutions, reviews a range of products that cement manufacturers can use to bolster worker safety and efficiency during refractory installations.


Turning cement green with XRD

Matteo Pernechele & Murielle Goubard, Malvern Panalytical, explain the pivotal role X-ray diffraction technology has to play in making green cement a reality.


It is time for a thorough debate on CO2 utilisation

There has never been a more exciting time for carbon capture, yet EU policies need to provide a predicable regulatory framework and allow for a strong business case, writes Koen Coppenholle, CEO of CEMBUREAU.


A proper hopper is a dust stopper

Intercem discusses a new clinker and raw material receiving hopper and reveals how it has transformed the materials handling capabilities of one Ivorian port operator.


Save on fuss, collect the dust

Steve Duncan, C&W DustTech, explains how effective dust collection can improve bottom-line performance, worker safety, and local air quality.