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View technical webinars from the cement sector.

Key Technologies for Enabling Carbon Capture from Cement Plants

As cement producers begin their carbon capture journey, selecting an appropriate technology that is optimised for clinker production is the first step. Technologies are ready today that can be deployed at scale – based any number of factors – carbon dioxide concentration levels, plot space constraints, available utilities, targeted capture rates, and flue gas contaminants. Join us to learn about different carbon capture technologies to help achieve your CO2 emission targets.

From Data to Optimisation: Gas Flow Analysis in the Cement Industry

ON DEMAND - This webinar describes the state of the art in modern digital gas flow analysis of hot and dusty gases. The main difficulties in measuring gas flow in cement plants are the dust content of the process gas and its temperature. PROMECON have pioneered this field of measurement by developing the first industrial digital flow measurement using cross correlation.

Technology has finally Caught Up To The Air Cannon

ON DEMAND - Air cannons are widely used in cement production, yet most were designed years ago and have barely evolved. Meanwhile, cement plants have gotten larger and have begun to burn more fuels which produce troublesome buildup.


Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage – minimizing the costs for the cement industry

ON DEMAND - On Thursday 14 September, ABB and Captimise will present how their combined technologies can drive the future of sustainable cement production. They are collaborating to help cement manufacturers find the most suitable and cost-efficient technologies for the full chain from capture, liquefaction, buffer storage, transport to permanent storage or utilisation.


Optimising your current air cannon system

ON DEMAND- In this webinar, learn what elements affect the blast force and effectiveness of moving material. It will also cover the dos and don’ts during product specification and installation to allow your system to perform to its fullest potential.

Improve Your Cleaning Power at Half the Cost with IGS

ON DEMAND - In this webinar, Integrated Global Services explains the process of how their engineers and business developers have utilised state-of-the-art technology along with new and innovative products that are designed to eliminate build-up and keep plants running at maximum speed.

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