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Economic recovery the Spanish cement industry

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The Association of Manufacturers of Cement Spain, Oficemen, has launched CRECIMENTA 20·30, which aims to boost cement demand in Spain by 2020.

The General Secretary of the CEOE, Ana Plaza presented the plan at the headquarters of the CEOE in Madrid. The president of Oficemen, Jaime Ruiz de Haro, detailed the main outlines of the plan, and the Secretary General of Infrastructures, Manuel Niño, and the Secretary General of Industry and Small and Medium Enterprises, Begoña Cristeto, discussed the administration of the proposal submitted by Oficemen.

CRECIMENTA 20·30 includes 25 measures to help boost the economic recovery, increase international competitiveness, promote energy independence and create approximately 7000 jobs. It is estimated that CRECIMENTA 20·30 add €1400 million per year to the economy, and comes as part of a reindustrialisation strategy for Spain.

The plan’s proposed measures are based on two axes: dynamic demand and increased international competitiveness. With regard to demand, CRECIMENTA 20·30 outlines measures based on the incorporation of concrete to the construction and rehabilitation of roads, railways, urban roads, buildings, water cycle infrastructure and waste management.

With regard to international competitiveness, CRECIMENTA 20·30 calls for the reformulation of electricity access tariffs and interruptible mechanism; increased bonuses associated to all port taxes; support for the use of waste for use as an alternative fuel and raw material substitution in cement; the lowering of CO2 reduction targets set by Europe, and reducing red tape in the value chain in the cement sector.

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