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Angharad Lock

Angharad Lock

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Verder Scientific: Solutions for the cement industry

CARBOLITE GERO, ELTRA, RETSCH and RETSCH Technology offer high-quality solutions for heat treatment, elemental analysis, sample preparation and particle sizing of a vast range of products in the cement industry.

Seal of approval

Zhang Jie and Gavin Ding, Nanjing Zhongcai Cement Spare Parts Co., China, explain how the sealing device is one of the most important components of a rotary kiln.

Rising to the challenge

Michael McSweeney, Cement Association of Canada, explores the Canadian cement industry, and looks at how it is dealing with the climate change challenge.

Taking the heat

Sabrina Santarossa, Turboden, Italy, examines Organic Rankin Cycle technology as a solution to heat recovery in cement plants.