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Katavsky Cement hosts technical conference for young specialists

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Katavsky Cement, part of the Eurocement Group, hosted its annual Scientific-Technical Conference "EVROmysl" for young specialists, which forms part of the company’s "Generation E" programme for the development of young workers. During the conference, eight specialists presented reports on various innovations aimed at improving the efficiency of production and reducing costs, the introduction of new forms and methods of work, and the use of advanced technologies. The main evaluation criteria for the presentations were relevance and novelty of the research, as well as the practical significance and economic feasibility of the proposed innovations.

The winner of the Scientific-Technical Conference was Alexander Nemytov, Chief Engineer for the tool alignment and adjustment of cement equipment, who delivered a lecture on the regenerative repair of the main technological equipment. The theme of this work is relevant as the use of exhaust parts after recovery procedures enables the company to save considerably on material and technical resources, thereby reducing production costs.

Ivan Badgers, Shift Supervisor in the Clinker Department, took second place, presenting his work on the reduction of energy resources on the production line of the fourth branch of clinker burning. The project examined methods of reducing and the use of energy resources, using one of the production lines separating clinker as an example.

Alex Firsenko, Shift Supervisor in the Clinker Department, achieved third place at the conference. Firsenko prepared a report entitled "Implementation of the emergency stop conveyor grate cooler in the Volga-35s". The work examines the use of the emergency stop conveyor to prevent the formation of blockages in the grate cooler, which significantly reduces troubleshooting time.

Adapted from press release by Rosalie Starling

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