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Why split roller bearing design needs to change in high-load applications

This white paper examines why now is the right time for bearing design to evolve to better serve high-load applications in the cement industry and the revolutionary solution from Bowman International.

Published on the 01 October 2021

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Enhancing burner pipe lifespan in cement plants

Burner pipe burnt out? Again? It does not have to be that way. Wouter Garot, CEO at SILICON, explains how the company’s innovative refractory anchor system can double the lifespan of burner pipes. Or, to put it another way, halve the expense caused by burner pipe degradation.

Published on the 04 June 2021

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Unlocking potential: the connected cement plant

Rockwell Automation explores senior management perspectives about digital transformation to determine key outcomes companies expect from digital investments, identify potential roadblocks, and map out a path forward.

Published on the 01 January 2021

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Moving on with Modular Technology

In this white paper with CEMENGAL, Fernando Duenas details the advantages of flexible and modular grinding units.

Published on the 21 August 2019

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Cool Solutions to a Hot Issue

There are heavy demands on the drive system during bulk materials transportation, as belts and drives are subjected to rough ambient conditions. Learn how Flender addressed this issue, and ramped up the increasingly important thermal rating by manufacturing three standard gear unit series based on helical and bevel-helical gear units.

Published on the 30 July 2019

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The Digital Mine: How to Implement Predictive Maintenance

This OSIsoft white paper discusses how mining, metals and materials companies can implement predictive maintenance through four attainable steps.

Published on the 30 April 2019

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