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How Predictive Maintenance Can Help Achieve Net-Zero Emission Goals for Cement Manufacturers

Cement manufacturing is an energy-intensive process. The energy consumption is around 2% of global output and 5% of total manufacturing consumption. In addition, the use of carbon-rich fuels like coal in the manufacturing of clinkers is widespread.

Cement production constitutes 5 - 6% of all CO2 emissions generated by human activity, accounting for approximately 4% of global warming. Moreover, cement producers need raw materials, chemical additives, and fuel which also contribute to GHG (Green House Gas) emissions that negatively affect the atmosphere. Predictive maintenance using AI and machine performance monitoring can be a tool in their arsenal which will not only help them achieve their Net-Zero emission goals but also improve or maintain production process efficiency and other critical business KPIs.

This white paper covers the use of predictive maintenance to help achieve Net-Zero emissions goals for Cement Manufacturers. Predictive maintenance using IoT & AI is a powerful tool for cement manufacturers to reduce emissions as well as avoid unplanned downtime through the early detection of anomalies. Using Predictive maintenance to monitor emissions and energy usage can be a cost-effective solution for cement manufacturers to achieve their goals. It will not only help them to be competitive in the market but can also help them meet legal environmental standards, which are essential for securing loans for CAPEX projects.


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