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New load shedding system reduces power outages at Holcim cement plant

World Cement,

ETAP® has announced the successful implementation of the ETAP® Real-Time Intelligent Load Shedding (ILS) system at Holcim’s cement plant in El Salvador.

The cement plant is connected to the power grid via the Guajoyo Hydroelectric Plant through a 20 km transmission line, which can be affected by heavy rains and lightning. Between May and October, this can cause around 20 circuit breaker transmission line trips per month. This was problematic for Holcim, in terms of the plant’s own power requirements and because it has a contract to provide power to the grid in order to offset peak loads. Holcim therefore required a fast and reliable load shedding system that could respond to a range of performance scenarios.

The ETAP ILS system continuously monitors and models the electrical system, taking parameters such as maintenance cycles, operational changes and last minute process control changes into consideration. By automatically sensing a change in conditions, the system can continually adapt its load shedding scenarios, reacting to an event within 100 milliseconds.

The plant has experienced one power outage over the 2-year ETAP ILS commissioning and tuning period, compared to 20 outages a year before the new system was installed.

“The power and functionality of ETAP Intelligent Load Shedding system really hit the mark with the problems that Holcim had at the plant. The risk from unscheduled power outages has all but almost disappeared. The fact that ILS was relatively easy to integrate and implement was the key to an immediate ROI,” commented Douglas Aviles, Power Plant Manager of Holcim.

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