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ASTM cement committee is developing a new standard for alkali-activated flyash and natural pozzolans

World Cement,

The ASTM International Committee C01 on Cement has announced it is working on a proposed standard that will help create data used to compare the compressive strength of alkali activated flyash and natural pozzolans. The new standard, called ASTM WK42602, Test Method for Compressive Strength of Alkali Activated Coal Fly Ash and Raw or Calcined Natural Pozzolan Cement Mortars (Using 2-inch or [50 mm] Cube Specimens), is under the jurisdiction of Subcommittee C01.13 on Special Cements.

Dr Ivan Diaz-Loya, a member of the committee, said that he hoped the new standard would help alkali-activated materials gain acceptance in the marketplace. “It will also help to validate and compare results between different research groups,” he added. Primary users of ASTM WK42602 are expected to be producers of construction materials, independent testing laboratories and academic research groups.

Interested parties involved in the research or production of alkali activated fly ash or natural pozzolan products are invited to join in the ongoing development of ASTM WK42602. For more information on becoming an ASTM member, visit

Adapted from press release by Katherine Guenioui.

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