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Cement sales increase in Colombia

World Cement,

DANE has released statistics for grey cement production and sales volumes in Colombia in July. Production increased by 6.2% y/y to reach 966 800 t during the month. Domestic cement dispatches were also higher than the corresponding period in 2012, rising by 11.5% y/y to 980 500 t.

On a regional level, sales fell by 11.5% and 7.2% y/y in Boyacá and Casanare, respectively. However, positive results were reported in most areas of the country. In North Santander cement sales were up 41.2%, while in Córdoba and Cudinamarca dispatches grew by 45.5% and 21.6%, respectively. Sales also increased in Antioquia, Atlántico and Valle del Cauca by 13.5%, 33.7% and 12.6%, respectively.

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