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Blackhawk Specialty Tools acquires surge reduction line

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Blackhawk Specialty Tools has acquired the surge reduction business baseline of Allamon Tool Company and its related intellectual property. The surge reduction business line includes Allamon’s industry-leading diverter systems and ancillary cementing tools as well as a number of patents that will complement Blackhawk’s existing portfolio. This business line will be operated from Blackhawk’s operations headquarters in Houma, Louisiana and other select markets worldwide.

“The acquisition of the Allamon surge reduction business reinforces Blackhawk’s leadership position in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico and completes the Blackhawk Surge Reduction System for tight-tolerance casing running,” said Billy Brown, Blackhawk’s President and CEO. “We have worked with Allamon’s products successfully for many years, primarily outside of the United States, and are excited to have the opportunity to leverage Blackhawk’s leadership position in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico with the long proven and successful Allamon diverter system to enhance the value that we provide to our customers. We really appreciate the support and dedication we’ve received from Jerry Allamon over the years and his faith in us to take these products and grow them around the world.”

Additionally, Blackhawk has added the UltraSeal auto-fill float equipment and the Blackhawk Single and Dual Dart-Released Plug system to its cementing tool technology.

The UltraSeal is industry-leading with the highest bump and back pressure rating for large bore type auto-fill float equipment at 7500 psi. It is fully PDC-drillable. The innovative design is the solution for problems encountered during running and cementing tight-tolerances of 9-5/8 in. and larger casing/liner strings. The UltraSeal™ will maximise cement column height for increased well safety and regulatory compliance.

The large ID through the valves and ball seat will not only allow for maximised running speeds, it also reduces surge pressures, which will decrease costly mud loss and improve well control. The increased running speed can result in a significant amount of rig time savings. Blackhawk’s UltraSealTM is stackable without the need for modification or costly baffle collars; one deactivation ball can trip two or more collars and only the activation ball falls downhole.

With its tapered landing surface, it is compatible with most subsurface release plug sets. The activation flow rate, pressure and ball retention can be adjusted ‘on the fly’ just prior to running downhole, requiring lower inventory levels for more options. This universal design reduces customer-owned inventory and cost. The UltraSeal™ utilises the latest generation composites to achieve performance that was once impossible. The engineering improvements are reflected in the field data.

The Dual Wiper Plug substantially increases cement slurry integrity by providing a fluid barrier on each end of the cement slurry while the cement is pumped through the casing. The Dual Wiper Plug incorporates the use of two drill pipe darts which provide a protective barrier for the cement in the workstring while wiping the inside of the drill pipe, and then launching the appropriate casing wiper plug in the Dual Wiper Plug system. The components of the Dual Wiper Plug are constructed mostly of composite material that enhance plug reliability and drill-out. Recent R&D on the elastomeric wiping fins has led to an extreme reduction in the volume of elastomer required in the new design, thus considerably reducing the amount of material that must be drilled out.

“Blackhawk has a reputation of revitalising deepwater product offerings with cutting edge technology, and reliable tools”, Brown continued. “The surge reduction business acquisition and the launch of our two new products further cement Blackhawk’s position as an established industry leader with its ability to now offer the complete suite for cementing and surge reduction through its established industry-leading wireless cement head and centraliser subs, the newly acquired diverter tool suite and the recently launched dart-released plug systems and UltraSealTMauto-fill float equipment. The individual components of this Surge Reduction System have proven reliability, flexibility and compatibility and, now combined, represent the best-in-class system available on the market today. The system increases running speed, saves rig time and reduces mud losses, all of which result in more cost-effective and efficient operations for our customers. Blackhawk continues to invest through the downturn to broaden our portfolio of products that has, and will continue to benefit our customers and the industry throughout the years to come.”

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