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Measurement technologies for tricky applications – Part 1

World Cement,

UWT’s sensor product range is continually developed to meet the challenges presented by industrial sectors requiring measurement technology. The high quality, precision and long-term reliability of UWT products over the last 35 years has now been strengthened by a unique extended warranty of up to five years for the main UWT product portfolio.

Tricky applications in extreme environments

Simple but reliable level control in mixing facilities, such as those for building materials, poses certain challenges, e.g. extreme vibration and very dusty environments. With its robust extension arm and specially sealed electronics unit, UWT’s vibrating fork ensures a constantly reliable measurement. The shaft and probes of the Vibranivo® VN2000 are manufactured from stainless steel. With a measurement of only 0.75 µm as standard, the surface is smooth and is ideally suited to meet the demands of the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries. This feature prevents buildup, the attraction of microbes and allows for any necessary sterilisation to be carried out with ease.

For producers of finely granulated building materials, plastic granules, flour or powdery chemicals looking for reliable content measurement in storage silos and containers, the main challenge is the dusty condition inside the silo. Another important factor to consider is easy and quick installation of the level measurement. The UWT Nivobob® NB3200 tape version helps to meet these requirements, while the integrated tape cleaner prevents contamination of the mechanical chamber. The user-friendly software and quick set-up options in different languages facilitate easy programming of the required parameters.

Another tricky bulk solid is silicic acid. The material condition of silicic acid is very dusty and sticky. For processing, the material needs to be fluidised with a density below 5 g/l. The dielectric constant of the material is also very low. The UWT Lot NB3000 is a fitting solution for constant monitoring of the level within silos. The feel weight is a parachute that enables sensitive measurements to be taken and it will not dive deep into the soft surface of the silicic acid during the measurement process. The tape cleaner prevents pollution of the mechanical parts in the housing. The Nivobob® 3000 provides a reliable level signal. Neither dust nor backing and the soft surface of the silicic acid are a problem for the NB3000 in this application.

The UWT rotating paddle switch Rotonivo® RN3000 is a robust and stable unit. It is virtually maintenance free, developed in line with the motto: “install and forget”. The Rotonivo® RN3002 model with tube extension has formed part of several solutions for applications at a process pressure of 10 bar and in dusty environments. It works as a precise level limit detection, for example in cement powder applications. For applications with high process temperatures, UWT has developed different types of high temperature solutions such as the Rotonivo® RN3000 series. The RN3000 can be specified and applied in applications with process temperatures up to 1100 °C. Depending on the actual process temperature, the units are equipped with the necessary sealing (Viton, Teflon, Ceramics).

The PNP electronics for the RN3000 and Rotonivo® RN4000 ranges use 3-wire electronics technology with a non-contact output, open collector, PNP. These electronics can be connected to any standard PLC with 24 V DC power supply and PNP input card. The detection signal – the sensor switched to either 'full/occupied' or 'empty/unoccupied' – is not via micro switches as in the past, but instead uses Hall sensors. Via two Potentiometers, both detection signals 1 and 0 can be time delayed. Additionally a jumper can be switched between FSH and FSL.

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