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May 2022

The May issue of World Cement begins with a Regional Report focused on China with content exploring what can be done to limit emissions from cement production in the country. The issue then moves on to cover a range of topics, including: Silos, Storage & Cleanout, Digitalisation & Industry 4.0, Lubrication, and Alternative Fuels.

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Rising To The Challenge
Ma Qingfang, Shen Lili, Ian Riley and Manon Burbidge, World Cement Association, consider the demand, overcapacity and environmental challenges facing China’s cement industry, and the steps that must be taken to overcome them.

A New Chapter For China
Jeff Allison, Delta CleanTech, explains how carbon capture technologies can be used to reduce emissions in China’s high-growth cement sector.


Terminals In Tórshavn
Daniele Sciuto, Euromecc s.r.l., details the installation of a cement terminal for Articon in Tórshavn, the Faroe Islands.

Don’t Despair Over Silo Repair
Dennis Blauser, Marietta Silos, explains the importance of preventative maintenance, inspection, and prompt repairs, in order to extend the life of silos.


Safety First!
Carsten Pries, robecco, discusses the modernisation of preventive explosion protection equipment for PANAM Cement’s facility in the Dominican Republic.


Giving Workers A Digital Edge
Diego De La Sotta, Parsable, explains how cement companies can empower workers with digital tools and processes to enhance productivity, improve safety standards, and strengthen environmental compliance.


Leading With Lubrication
Breanna Moll, Noria Corporation, explains how lubrication best practices helped improve machinery life and reduce unnecessary costs, contamination and downtime at Argos’ cement facility in Newberry, Florida.


The Additive Approach
Riccardo Stoppa and Richard Sibbick, GCP Applied Technologies, outline a method to mitigate the effects of alternative fuels on cement quality.

Assessing The Alternative
Claudia Stefanoiu, CemBR, discusses the uptake of alternative fuels within the cement industry and outlines the issues that may be impeding their usage on a global scale.

Changing Attitudes To Alternative Fuels
Gary Moore, UNTHA, considers societal attitudes to the adoption of alternative fuels, and the role of the cement industry in driving change for economic, societal, environmental and fiscal gain.

Keeping Consistent
Aliapur and INNODURA describe an online measurement system that helps to ensure consistent quality and uniformity of alternative fuels for cement production.

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