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May 2017

The May issue will be distributed at the IEEE Conference, making it one of World Cement’s biggest issues. The Regional Report covers North America, with articles written by McInnis Cement, the Cement Association of Canada, Titan USA and Boldrocchi.

The issue’s keynote comes from the MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub, while technical features include contributions from FLSmidth, BWF Envirotec, Bridge Gap Engineering, BioC Ltd, Renold Jeffrey and Mapei, across a wide range of topics.

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Keynote: Urban Physics
Anne Wilson Yu, MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub, USA, explains how MIT’s approach takes inspiration from the molecular structures of complex materials to improve city planning and reduce city energy consumption.

Regional Report Infographic

The Start Of Something New
Alexandre Rail, McInnis Cement, Canada, gives us a guided tour of the company’s new world-class cement plant.

Rising To The Challenge
Michael McSweeney, Cement Association of Canada, explores the Canadian cement industry and looks at how it is dealing with the climate change challenge.

Good Timing In Texas
Giuliamaria Meriggi, Boldrocchi USA, details a recent turnkey project completed at Buzzi Unicem USA’s Maryneal cement plant in Texas.

Anytime, Anywhere
Matt Morrissey, Siemens, Canada, explores the use of the Internet of Things to achieve total automation transparency, and to provide complete access at all times.

A Modern Approach
Luciano Bodero, USA, and Ravi Saksena and Waldemar Korotezki, Germany, KHD Humboldt Wedag, examine the best way to modernise a clinker cooler.

Uncovering An Alternative
R.B.M. Tripathi, Jayant Malhotra, and Umashankar Choudhary, JK Cement, India, recount how Muddapur cement plant was able to overcome the loss of its CF silo.

Modelling A Settling Chamber
Thomas Lamare and Michel Moser, LafargeHolcim, USA, discuss the optimisation of a clinker cooler settling chamber using in-house CFD modelling.

Seal Of Approval
Zhang Jie and Gavin Ding, Nanjing Zhongcai Cement Spare Parts Co., China, explain how the sealing device is one of the most important components of a rotary kiln.

A Web-Based Solution
Christian Markussen, FLSmidth, Denmark, introduces a tool to improve the carbon footprint of cement plants.

Taking Off
In light of explosive growth in demand for lime injection systems around the world, Peter Paone and Josh Cooney, Bridge Gap Engineering, USA, explain the design of such systems for cement applications.

An Ancient Idea For The Modern Day
Reiner Furthmann, AUMUND Fördertechnik GmbH, Germany, outlines the history and modern development of bucket wheel elevators.

Elevator Know-How
Ray Hensley, Renold Jeffrey, USA, illustrates how the problems that can occur with a cement elevator can be overcome.

Delivering Results
Joe Sostaric, Reliable Trucking, USA, and Shaun Pogue, VEGA Americas, USA, reveal how a remote industry system and radar sensor can be used together to deliver efficient results.

Maximising Economy
Markus Locher, Coperion, Germany, provides innovative wear protection concepts for maximum economy.

Energy-Saving Innovation
Steve Lindsey, Lontra, UK, introduces a new-design compressor that promises significant energy savings.

Counteracting Corrosion
Andy Winston, BWF Envirotec, USA, explores dust collector corrosion and its effects on environmental compliance.

Realising The Solution
Roy Rigby, Porvair Filtration Group, UK, considers the realisation of high-performance solutions for powder fluidisation, handling, and filtration.

Here’s The Key
Filipe Apóstolo, Densit do Brazil Ltda, Brazil, and Karl Gugel, Digital Control Lab LLC, USA, reveal the key to reducing large power bills for grinding mills.

The Art of Hardfacing
Guo Huichen and Wang Juan, Tangshan Jidong Equipment and Engineering Co. Ltd., China, detail the process of hardfacing a worn grinding roller.

Alternative Fuels And Energy Efficiency
Lucky Cement Ltd, Pakistan, offers an insight into the growth of the cement industry in Pakistan and the impact of the increased use of alternative fuels in recent years.

A New Direction
Alf Malmgren, BioC Ltd, UK, examines the milling of alternative fuels in cement plants.

The Right Choice
Paolo Forni, Mapei, Italy, reveals the science behind choosing the right additives for masonry cements.

Heads Up
Mark Mutter and Lawrie Evans, JAMCEM Consulting, UK, present the best approach to reducing headcount and improving operations.

Learn, Act, Succeed
Martin Crow, Hanson UK, describes the company’s rigorous approach to learning and development, particularly in relation to health, safety and environmental matters.

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