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March 2018

The March issue takes a look at Southeast Asia, with a regional report from Contributing Editor Paul Maxwell-Cook on the cement industries of the ASEAN member states. We also include a special report from Terry Pavlopoulos on the Gulf and North African cement markets. Technical features include lime plant engineering, grinding media and additives, materials handling, ports and terminals, quality control, and refractories. We also interview Widodo Santoso, Chairman of the Indonesian Cement Association.

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ASEAN: Powering Past 50
Paul Maxwell-Cook, World Cement’s Contributing Editor, takes a look at the cement industry in the ASEAN member states 50 years after the association’s creation.

Refractory Anchors
Greg Palmer, James Millard, and Juan Cobos, Palmer Technologies, discuss the results of testing of refractory lining anchor systems.

A Better Burn
Alex Wagner, UNITHERM, discusses the operation of the M.A.S/SG burner at Asia Cement LLC.

Ready, Steady, Growth!
Luca Sarandrea, Cimprogetti, discusses the Internet of Things and the coming of the fourth industrial revolution to the global lime industry.

In the limelight
Narayana Jayaraman and Francisco Benavides, PEC Consulting, detail the configurations and deliberations behind the construction of a lime plant.

Marble Dust and Cement Manufacture
S.K. Agargwal, S.K. Chayurvedi, and Ashutosh Sexena, Centre for Cement Research and Independent Testing, review an investigation into the role of marble dust as a mineral additive in cement manufacture.

Cement Hydration
Kalmatron discusses the effect of complete cement hydration on the durability of concrete.

Cement additives
Laurent Guillot, Chyso, disusses the operational advantages of micro and macro cement additives.

Where’s hot and where’s not
Terry Pavlopoulos, Cement Business Advisory, provides a market analysis of the cement industries in the Gulf and North Africa.

Increasing Load Zone Efficiency
Franklin Moore, Flexco, discusses identifying challenges and implementing solutions in load zone efficiency.

Choosing a Chain
Jonathan King, Jeff Scheirer, and Christopher Robinson of Cobalt Chains discuss conveyor chains, materials used to make them, types of chains available and the best practices to employ.

Conveying challenging terrain
Doppelmayr discusses RopeCon as a new option for transporting material.

Conveyor Mission: Production Done Safely
Todd Swinderman and Daniel Marshall, Martin Engineering, discuss changing perceptions of safety and production within industry. EXPLOSION PREVENTION & PROTECTION

Vacuuming Up the Risk:
DISAB, discusses the risks posed by dust and secondary explosions and how to prevent them.

Controlling Dust
Guillarme Coupez, Standard Industrie, discusses a system to control dust during conveying, improving production and safety.

Accelerating to Improved Performance
Chris Hansford, Hansford Sensors, explains how acceleration enveloping can identify early signs of bearing failure, helping to ensure longer lifecycles for rotating machines and components.

Coat or Corrode: Protecting the Kiln
Linas Mazeika, 3L&T Inc., discusses the application of a corosion-resistant coating in the kiln of a Mexican cement plant.

Meeting the ENERGY STAR Challenge
Matthew Wild, CEMEX USA’s Executive Vice President for Logistics, talks to Jonathan Rowland, World Cement Editor, about developments in the company’s network of terminals, including the ENERGY STAR Challenge for Industry recognition at its San Diego and La Mirada sites.

Across the Irish Sea
Micheál McKittrick, Ecocem Ireland Ltd, explains the company’s development of GGBS cement imports from Ireland into the UK, including the construction of a new import terminal at Sheerness.

A fan of efficiency
Nurul ‘Moni’ Talukder, ProcessBarron, explains how to evaluate efficiency for mechanical draft fans.

Quality in, quality out
Dr Pawel Kawalec explains the importance of quality control from the very start of the cement production process: the quarry.

Does engineering quality still matter?
Kevin Rudd, Independent Cement Consultants, addresses the importance of engineering quality, and conducting factory acceptance tests on new equipment.

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