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March 2017

The March issue includes a Keynote from Edwin Trout, looking at the life of Cement Technologist Henry Faija, while Paul Maxwell-Cook looks at the cement industry in East Asia for this month’s Regional Report. The issue also features technical articles on Processing, Handling, Shredding & Storing Alt. Fuels; Gears, Drives, Lubricants & Bearings and Skills & Training, with contributors including UNTHA, Renk AG, Unicast and Independent Cement Consultants.

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Keynote: Cement Technologist
Edwin Trout, The Concrete Society, UK, reviews the life and work of Henry Faija, a man who was integral to the development of cement analysis techniques.

Regional Report Infographic

Far East Digest
Paul Maxwell-Cook, Contributing Editor, reviews recent developments in China and in three of its eastern neighbours.

When Opportunity Knocks
Peter Streinik, UNTHA, Austria, explains how a number of cement kilns are taking advantage of the multifaceted benefits associated with the waste-to-energy market.

Meeting Specifications
Eric Plantié, Precimeca, France, explains the process of tyre chip characterisation.

Falsehoods and Truths
Bill Hankes, Petron Corporation, USA, examines the misinformation that abounds regarding open gear lubrication.

The Internet of Gears
Peter Boiger, Renk AG, Germany, introduces a new approach to condition monitoring that forms a network from multiple services.

When Welding Works
Barbara Peitz and Andrias Sola, Intercem Group, Germany, detail the role of metal active gas welding in completing essential maintenance work at the Dyckerhoff cement plant.

Cutting Costs With TiC
Nicole L’Esperance, Unicast, Canada, details how using titanium carbide wear parts can reduce maintenance costs.

Fast, Fine and Reproducible
Dr Tanja Butt, Retsch GmbH, Germany, explores representative sample preparation for XRF analysis.

Redefining Refractories
Kamol Tanchotikul, Nichapat Patchararungruang, Pannawit Ngaochai, Tirawut Metwatarakul, Thanapa Wongwichakorn, Suchaya Amornkittimatee and Palakrit Tinnakorn, The Siam Refractory Industry Co., Thailand, discuss the chronology of magnesia-based brick and the development of ferro-magnesia-spinel brick.

Optimised Operators
Alan Lorimer, Cement Performance International Ltd., USA, reveals the importance of operator development in optimising the production process in a cement plant.

Supporting the UK Cement Industry
Pippa Shuff, Independent Cement Consultants, explains the important role of professional engineering associations, such as the UK’s Institute of Mechanical Engineers.

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