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February 2022

The February issue begins with a review of the technologies and processes being used to reduce the environmental impact of the Indian cement industry. The issue then moves on to cover a range of technical features, including: Conveyors & Bucket Elevators, Loading & Unloading, Dispatch & Logistics, Bagging & Packing, Silo Clean-Out, Burner Technology, and Grinding & Milling.

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10 Innovation In India
Neeraj Akhoury, Holcim in India, outlines Ambuja Cement and ACC Ltd’s sustainable development ambitions for the Indian cement sector.


17 As Good As New
BEUMER describes how a cement plant was assisted in the modernisation of its bucket elevators.


21 Mindful Of Maintenance
Austin Anderson, Vortex Global, discusses the importance of choosing a carefully designed dry bulk handling system in order to prevent wear, extend service life and limit maintenance and downtime.

27 Delving Into Dust Control
WAMGROUP considers the most effective technologies for controlling dust emissions produced during the loading, unloading and storing of cement.

31 Going Beyond The Gate
Matthew Furry, PSCL, explains how self-contained monitoring and control systems can solve the logistical challenges posed by the need to source materials, such as fly-ash, from reclamation projects.


35 It’s In The Bag
Graham Rawlings, Concetti, details the installation of a fully automatic bag filling system as part of a planned switch to greener, more environmentally friendly packaging materials.

39 The Perks Of Plastic
Frank Goris, Arodo, considers the advantages of plastic over paper cement packaging and explains how the material could contribute towards CO2 emissions reduction in the industry.

43 Packaging Progress
Sigrid Eder-Ince, Starlinger, describes the economical and ecological advantages of woven polypropylene cement sacks and discusses the shift towards this type of packaging in Côte d’Ivoire.


47 Counting On Cannons
Brad Pronschinske, Martin Engineering, explains how air cannon technologies can effectively prevent material build up in the preheater, whilst maintaining workplace safety and minimising unscheduled downtime.


52 Satellite Success
Reinhard Ringdorfer, Unitherm Cemcon, explains how the development of new satellite burner systems has allowed cement plants to push the limits of AF utilisation.


56 World Cement Grinding Q&A
World Cement invited industry leaders to share their thoughts on a range of grinding and milling-related topics.

Contributions come from: FIVES FCB, Gebr. Pfeiffer, and thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions.

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