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February 2020

The February issue of World Cement begins with a review of the cement and construction sectors in Southeast Asia before moving on to cover a range of technical topics, including: Air Pollution Control, Alternative Fuels, Materials Handling, Sampling & Analysis, Additives & Grinding Aids, and Training/Safety.

The issue concludes ends on an interview with Francesco Caltagirone Jr., Chairman and CEO of Cementir Group, who discusses the company's Industrial Plan for 2020-2022 and the importance of sustainability.

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Success in the Southeast
Danny Richards, GlobalData, provides a comprehensive overview of the booming Southeast Asian construction sector.

At a Crossroads of Growth
Manas Tamotia and George Woods, L.E.K. Consulting, provide an overview of the key trends expected to shape the Southeast Asian cement market in the coming years.

DSI System Optimisation
Dr. Ian Saratovsky, Martin Dillon and Gerald Hunt, Lhoist, examine dry sorbent injections (DSI) as a cost-effective solution for complying with acid gas emission control requirements.

The Future of Filtration
Georg Lechner, Scheuch, outlines the advantages of hot gas filtration with ceramic filter elements and explains how this technology may be able to meet the demand for more energy efficient systems.

Done and Dedusted
Eduardo Sauto, Gorco, identifies the common errors made in dedusting installations and outlines how to prevent them from occurring.

Optimising for Alternative Fuels
Jean-Michel Charmet, Rani Hanna and Sami Zellagui, Fives FCB, discuss the use of high level CFD modelling to optimise calciner systems for the use of alternative fuels and reduced CO2 and NOx emissions.

Adding Alternative Fuel to the Fire
Tahir Abbas and Michail P. Akritopoulos, Cinar, discuss the pros and cons of using alternative fuels (AF) for firing in kilns and calciners.

Fuelling Change
Samuel Zühlsdorf, thyssenkrupp, considers the fuel substitution technologies that are set to help the cement industry conserve natural resources and decrease CO2 emissions.

Tightening the Belt
Leslie David provides insight into how taking a different approach can significantly reduce replacement conveyor belt expenditure.

Cementing a Reputation
Ivo Nemetz, Elementar, considers the essential role of elemental analysis in creating high-quality cement.

Changing the Approach
Martyn Whitehead, Fosroc International, addresses how and when grinding aids and cement additives can be effectively used for the production of good quality cement.

Pushing the Limits of Training
Scott Thomas, Argos USA, considers the importance of improved driver training and the benefits to be gained from implementing virtual reality technology.

The Path to Sustainability
David Bizley, Editor of World Cement, spoke with Francesco Caltagirone Jr., Chairman & CEO of Cementir Group, to discuss sustainability and the company’s ‘Industrial Plan’ for 2020 – 22.

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