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April 2017

In April’s Regional Report PPC discusses the state of the industry in Sub-Saharan Africa, looking at the role the company has played in its development.

John Kline has written the month’s Keynote, which focuses on how to create and maintain a competent workforce. Technical articles focus on Additives, Lime, Logistics and Software, and Bagging and Packing, with contributions from GCP Applied Technology, Inform GmbH and Concetti.

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Keynote: Crafting Competency
John Kline and Charles Kline, Kline Consulting, USA, highlight the need to create and maintain a competent workforce.

Regional Report Infographic

Invigorating Africa’s Industrialisation?
Hardie de Beer, PPC, South Africa.

Taking The Heat
Sabrina Santarossa, Turboden, Italy.

Keeping Up With The Law
Bernd Rastatter and Andre Günther, Rösberg Engineering GmbH, Germany.

Driving Change In Industry
Brian Foster, Siemens Financial Services, UK.

Cement Goes Digital
Lorenzo Ambrosini, BASF Construction Chemicals, Switzerland.

Success In Africa
Keith Marsay, Mike Sumner, and Riccardo Stoppa, GCP Applied Technologies, USA.

Particle Size Selection
John Guynn, Roman Cement LLC, USA.

Out With The Old
Graham Rawlings, Concetti, Italy.

By Road And Rail
Clive Roberts, Hope Cement, Breedon Group, UK.

Truck Flow Management
Eva Prunés, Vidmar Group, Spain.

Supply Chain Management
Regina Schnathmann, BEUMER Group, Germany.

Narrowing Down The Numbers
Thomas Bergmans and Dirk Schlemper, Inform GmbH, Germany.

Developing A Modular Lime Plant
Luca Sarandrea and Gianpaolo Gotti, Cimprogetti, Italy.

All About Fans
Jonathan Rowland, Editor, discusses a number of recent fan upgrade projects in the USA and Europe.

Demand And Supply
Ramachandran, Zawawi Gypsum LLC, Oman.

Discuss, Mediate, Solve
Rainer Nobis, World Cement Association, UK.

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