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Hanson UK makes investment in new dryer

World Cement,

Hanson’s commitment to increasing the amount of recycled materials it uses has been demonstrated by its £1.67 million investment in a new dryer at its West Drayton asphalt plant in Hillingdon, Middlesex.

It is the first company in the UK to install the Benninghoven equipment, which allows more recycled materials to be used in asphalt base course as well as improving the plant’s efficiency, reducing costs and cutting its carbon footprint.

Hanson area operations manager Dave Brown said: “The dryer enables hot recycled asphalt to be added to the mix and results in us being the most cost-competitive and customer-focused supplier, which is giving us an edge in the competitive London market.

“In addition, it has reduced our carbon footprint by saving production of bitumen and quarried stone, boosting our sustainability profile. It also means we are the first plant to reach Hanson’s 2010 target of using 25 per cent recycled materials in asphalt base course.”

Along with the dryer, which can handle up to 160 tph, the investment includes six hot storage hoppers – with automatic weight systems to minimise waste – a mobile impact crusher and new stock bays. The feed for the dryer comes mainly from roads planed for resurfacing and runs on reclaimed fuel oil.

“The dryer uses technology that doesn’t burn the bitumen or make harmful emissions,” added Dave.

“The dried and heated recycled materials are blended with conventionally-dried materials between 25 – 50% and the additional hoppers mean we can reduce wastage and fuel usage and improve customer service.”

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