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Lafarge Cement UK achieves strong environmental performance

World Cement,

The UK division of leading international cement producer, Lafarge, has launched its annual sustainability report, reflecting on the group’s considerable environmental achievements in 2008. Incorporated within this report is both an overview of the group’s approach to sustainability and an environmental statement recording the key information as required under the Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS).

Emissions down
The key figures for Lafarge Cement UK reveal that, based on 1990 levels, CO2 emissions from the manufacturing process have been reduced by 40%, with a 10% reduction in 2008 alone. In addition, levels of CO2 emitted by road transport have been significantly decreased thanks to a massive investment in expanding rail capacity.

SO2 emissions were reduced by 28% in 2008, making a total 52% reduction based on 2005 levels. NOx emissions have also been significantly reduced.

External advice
Commenting on the company’s environmental performance, Business Sustainability Manager, Jim Rushworth, explained: “This year, we sought advice from independent experts WSP Environment & Energy, who helped us to better define what sustainability actually means to us in a wider business context.

“With WSP’s help, we have identified 26 different criteria, broadly grouped into social, economic and environment categories, and have looked to measure our performance against the best performing companies in terms of sustainability credentials.” These 26 criteria include such things as community presence, diversity and equal opportunity, environmental compliance and trade union relationship.

Strong management

Following an extensive review of Lafarge Cement UK’s management systems, WSP identified that programmes are in place to manage all 26 criteria. These are outlined in the sustainability report.

WSP’s director of corporate services, David Symons, stated: “Through accredited management systems, Lafarge has been able to drive impressive improvements in a number of areas, especially in its environment performance.”

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