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Dickinson Group work with Conch Cement

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As part of its China-Africa Strategy, Dickinson Group has announced its inaugural specialist Hot Kiln Alignment Service to Conch Cement in China. Anhui Conch Cement Company is the second largest cement manufacturer and seller in Mainland China.

Together with its strategic partner, Geoservex, Dickinson Group executed a state of the art Hot Kiln Alignment Service in May2016 at Yingde Conch Cement Plant. A team of specialists concluded the state of the art Hot Kiln Alignment service on the 5000 tpd clinker line C kiln within 8 days. The comprehensive hot kiln alignment ensures that rotary kilns are able to achieve maximum efficiency throughout their service lives and help customers avoid unforeseen breakdowns.

The scope of Hot Kiln Alignment Service Package for Yingde Conch Cement Plant included the following:

  • Setting up the surveying bases for the kiln: two horizontal reference lines and benchmarks on each pier. 
  • Measurement of kiln axis position in horizontal and vertical plane. 
  • Measurement of rollers’ axis position, rollers’ skewing and operating angle. 
  • Measurement of rollers’ inclination and foundation frame axial slope 
  • Measurement of rollers’ profiles (mechanical wear of running surface) 
  • Measurement of rollers’ shaft deflection in reference to the pier (indication of shell crank formation) 
  • Measurement of thrust roller position in reference to the kiln axis 
  • Measurement of tires and shell temperatures 
  • Measurement of tire migration (circumferential tire movement) and calculation of undertire clearance. 
  • Measurement of shell profile (circularity deviation and eccentricity of cross sections), preparation of shell polar diagrams and shell 3D animation model 
  • Measurement of tires and girth gear wobbling. 
  • General mechanical inspection of drive mesh, bearings and shafts condition, lubrication efficiency, inlet and outlet sealing, thrust unit, adjustment equipment, covers and housing. 
  • Calculations of axial deviations in horizontal and vertical plane and kiln slope. 
  • Preparation of optimal version of adjustment program and schedule. 
  • Control survey of final kiln axis position and rollers skewing after the adjustments.
  • Preparation of completed report on measurements and adjustments. 
  • Preparation of recommendations for future preventive maintenance actions, routines, necessary repairs and replacements.

Presentation and submission of the report and shell animation to the Customer.

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