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Blue World Crete forms Indian joint-venture

World Cement,

According to a recent media release, Blue World Crete, Inc. has formed a joint-venture with India’s Navrattan Free Power. The venture, known as Navrattan Blue Crete Industries, recently opened a new office in Mumbai.

Licensing is being carried out in various regions in India for the newest Blue World Crete Technologies for the manufacture of high performance green cement. The cement is an alternative to Portland cement, utilising pozzolan materials rather than flyash. So far three regions in India have been licensed and there are plans to establish 1 million tpa capacity cement plants in the country.

A new production process for the company’s Blue Crete Fusion Binder allows for the use of a number of organic feed stock types, such as seaweed and domestic and marine plants. Previously, only algae could be used in the manufacturing process. The new binder is suitable for use in the infrastructure sector and low-cost housing.

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