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Siam Cement Group Invests in Burma

World Cement,

As Myanmar’s government begins to open its gates to foreign investment, local press has reported that Siam Cement Group (SCG) has announced its plans not only to build a new plant in the Tanintharyi region, but also to move the manufacture its other main products – including paper and chemicals – into Myanmar. It is also likely that the company will expand its retail operations into the country, said sources within the company.

SCG has exported its products to Burma for a long time now, but with only 15 operational cement plants in the country and cement in short supply, the recent amendments to Myanmar’s laws have arrived in a timely fashion for SCG. The expanding company is perfectly placed to take advantage of the current climate by establishing its own plant. Indeed, Burma’s government is in the process of granting more cement plant building permits.

A recent report from Eleven Media has shown that at least 220 million t of SCG Elephant-logo cement is exported throughout the region each year.

Written by Jack Davidson.

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