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Tenova TAKRAF Africa installs reverse pulse bag filters at two PPC plants

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Tenova TAKRAF Africa is carrying out projects to replace ESPs with reverse pulse bag filters at two of PPC Ltd’s plants in South Africa. A contract for PPC’s Slurry facility, near to Mahikeng in the North West Province, was awarded in July 2013, and Tenova TAKRAF Africa won the contract for the De Hoek cement plant, Western Cape, in September 2013. Both projects are scheduled for completion by the end of May 2014. The contracts include design, supply, delivery, installation, commissioning and performance testing of the bag filters, in addition to stripping the existing ESPs.

At the De Hoek cement plant, two reverse pulse bag filters are being installed on the kiln and raw mill. These can handle an inlet dust load of 75 g/Am3 at a flow rate of 300 000 Am3/h. They have a guaranteed emissions rate of less than 20 mg/Nm3.

At PPC’s Slurry facility, the reverse bag filter is being installed on two finishing mills, also with a guaranteed emission rate of less than 20 mg/Nm3. This bag filter will handle an inlet dust load of 400 g/Am3 at a flow rate of 30 000 Am3/h.

The projects form part of the South African cement producer’s plans to upgrade its dust control systems as it continues to enhance the safety and cleanliness of its facilities and comply with the country’s National Environmental Management Air Quality Act.

Tenova TAKRAF Africa has worked with PPC several times before, including supplying a bag filter for installation on the De Hoek cement plant’s mill around three years ago. It has installed approximately 2000 reverse bag filters in a range of industries in South Africa. The bag filters can handle flow rates between 0.5 and 100 m3/s, with high collection efficiencies of >99.99%. Reverse pulse action enables the bag filter to maintain its high efficiency rate for 24 hours a day, even under challenging conditions.

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