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Safety services and solutions for bulk material conveyor systems

ON DEMAND - This webinar will discuss which services and solutions are available to minimise risk and ensure a safe working environment, showing that improved safety can contribute to better productivity.

Conveyor systems have many associated hazards, including crushing, shearing, trapping, drawing-in, electrical, thermal, fires, and explosions. This webinar covers why we care about safety and how safety features can improve system availability. This includes a discussion of how to ensure equipment conforms with current safety guidelines and how safety can extend equipment lifetimes, reducing overall investment costs.

Topics covered:

  • Legislation and standards
  • Hazards and risk assessment
  • Retrofit and lifetime extension
  • Products and systems
  • Safety and productivity

Watch this webinar to learn how to design safe conveyor systems for bulk material handling systems and how safety can contribute to higher productivity.


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