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Venezuela: cement production to reach 12 million tpy by 2017

World Cement,

According to Venezuelan minister Ricardo Molina, cement production in the country is expected to rise from 7 million tpy to around 9 million tpy. The additional capacity includes the 1 million tpy of cement that will be produced at the Cerro Azul plant, developed through an agreement with Iran. By 2017, Venezuela’s cement output is due to reach 12 million tpy.

Speaking at a press conference where he presented the 2015 Infrastructure Plan, Molina stressed the importance of investing in the cement industry so that production levels could meet demand. Housing initiatives such as the ‘Gran Misión Vivienda Venezuela’ and the ‘Gran Misión Barrio Nuevo Barrio Tricolor’ require some 4.5 million tpy of cement alone.

Molino said that there should be no issues with meeting consumption needs in 2015 due to current domestic capacity and work being undertaken to increase production capacity further. This should mean that the country will be able to avoid importing cement from elsewhere. However, the minister suggested that if demand outstrips domestic supply then agreements could be formed with Caribbean countries to import clinker to be used in the cement production process in Venezuela.

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