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US uncalcined gypsum consumption increased by 49% y/y in 2Q14

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According to the latest USGS Mineral Industry Survey, following harsh weather conditions in 1Q14, gypsum consumption increased notably in 2Q14.

Approximately 4.13 million t of gypsum was mined in 2Q14, 8% higher than in 1Q14 and 58% higher than 2Q13. Mined gypsum is used as a raw material for wallboard, as is synthetic gypsum. Consumption of the latter accounted for 30% of gypsum supply in the US during the quarter, coming in at 2.16 million t. This figure represents an increase of 14% when compared to 1Q14 and a rise of 3% when compared to 2Q13.

Meanwhile, the supply of calcined gypsum grew by 19% q/q and 6% y/y to reach 3.65 million t. Uncalcined gypsum sales totalled 661 000 t during the period, up 42% q/q and 49% y/y. Uncalcined gypsum is used by the agricultural sector and in the manufacture of Portland cement.

The US also imported 912 000 t of crude gypsum during the quarter, with imports originating from Mexico (43%), Canada (30%) and Spain (27%). Imports were higher than in both 1Q14 and 2Q13, rising by 17% and 24%, respectively. Mexico and Canada were also the source of wallboard imports, supplying 58% and 41% of the 94 000 t (10.5 million m2) received in 2Q14, respectively. The US exported 222 000 t (24.7 million m2) of wallboard during the quarter, up 16% q/q but down slightly on 2Q13.

Overall, total domestic production of construction materials (cement, gypsum, crushed stone, construction sand and gravel) improved by 60% q/q and by 8% y/y in 2Q14.

As previously reported, shipments of Portland and blended cement in the US and Puerto increased by 7% y/y in 1H14, while clinker production grew by 5% y/y during the period.

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