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Geocycle works for a future without waste

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With the objective of unifying its brand globally, Ecoltec will operate in Mexico as Geocycle Mexico. The company will maintain its commitment to offer safe and sustainable waste management solutions in order to reach the goal of “a future without waste”.

Every day, large amounts of waste materials are generated. More than half of this waste goes to landfills. In 2014 alone, 4 billion t of urban and industrial waste was generated globally.

In Mexico, there is no official data that consolidates all the available information, but estimates say that 86 million t of waste is produced yearly, which includes urban solids as well as special treatment and hazardous waste.

“We believe in a cleaner and healthier world without waste, a place where we can all reduce our environmental footprint. With Geocycle, we provide industrial companies and municipal governments with sustainable solutions for the proper management of waste,” said Miguel Ladrón de Guevara, Director General of Geocycle Mexico.

Geocycle forms part of the LafargeHolcim Group, (the world’s largest construction materials company) focused on providing sustainable, safe, professional and technologically advanced solutions for the management of waste through a system known as co-processing.

With co-processing, the complete destruction of selected waste is achieved, because of the high temperatures involved in the cement production ovens where the materials are fed. It is a process that disintegrates waste materials, which means no additional by-products or emissions are generated, leading to a reduction in green-houses gases.

The company receives waste materials from many industries: automotive, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical, surgical, oil and agriculture and many consumer products companies as well as from state and municipal governments.

The industrial waste products that Geocycle can receive and co-process include used tires, soiled solids, “past-due-date” or “out-of-spec” products, lubricants, contaminated water, biomass and paints, among others. These materials can be liquids or muds produced during industrial processes.

Under no circumstance does Geocycle receive hospital, bio-infectious, radioactive, explosive or asbestos-based waste.

Geocyle improves the environmental performance of companies and governments, helping them reach sustainability targets, protect against financial risks, and protection of brand image and reputation.

With the theme “ for a future without waste” Geocycle contributes to LafargeHolcim’s sustainable development vision, whose goal is to double the percentage of alternative fuels in the energy mix for 2020, which means a reduction of more than 30 million t of CO2 worldwide.

The sustainable solutions offered by Geocycle are viable, profitable and environmentally safe alternatives compared to other options such as incineration and landfills.

The use of alternative fuels in cement plants reduces the use of fossil fuels such as petroleum coke.

Geocyle follows the principles of waste management described in the European Union Framework for Waste and the Basel Convention of the United Nations Environmental Protocol.

Geocycle has 2000 employees in 60 countries on five continents, which includes 188 co-processing facilities and 10 000 clients worldwide.

“Under the Geocycle brand, we are going to leverage our international experience, presence and network to implement best practices in favour of the environment, safety of communities and our workforce to contribute to the wellbeing and prosperity of Mexico”, said the executive.

For 23 years, Ecoltec offered world-class services for the responsible management of industrial waste as well as state and municipal government waste, such as proper disposal of used tires which helps authorities reduce uncontrolled fires and the diseases propagated by dengue, chikungunya and zika viruses.

Today, Geocycle will maintain those relationships with the public and private sectors to serve as a partner with global reach; a trustworthy ally that helps companies and governments improve their environmental performance in the quest of sustainability goals.

Adapted from press release by Joseph Green

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