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USGS survey for gypsum in 1Q16

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USGS has released its mineral industry survey for gypsum in 1Q16.

Producers mined 2.96 million t of gypsumduring the 1Q16. This was unchangedfrom than that of 4Q15 and 12% more thanthat of the 1Q15. Synthetic gypsum used was 2.46million t in 1Q16, which was 40% morethan 4Q15 and 23% more than the1Q15. The large growth in consumption resultedfrom an increase by a single large synthetic gypsum consumer,which followed a similarly-sized decrease from the precedingquarterly report. During the first quarter of 2016, syntheticgypsum accounted for 39% of the 6.36 million t total supply ofgypsum in the United States. Both mined and synthetic gypsumare used as raw material for wallboard. The wallboard industryis the leading domestic consumer of gypsum.

Sales of uncalcined gypsum in 1Q16,mainly for portland cement manufacture and for agriculturaluses, were 729 000 t, which were 4%more than those of 4Q15 and 28% morethan those of 1Q15.

The supply of calcined gypsum for 1Q16 was 4.13 million t, which was 12% more than that of 4Q015 and 23% more than that of 1Q15. Sales of board products were 5.11 million t,equivalent to approximately 570 million m2, which were 7% more than those of 4Q15 and 27% more those of 1Q15.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, imports of crudegypsum in 1Q16 were 945 000 t, 9%less than those of 4Q15 and 7% more thanthose of 1Q15. Mexico was the source of 56%of crude imports, followed by Spain with 24%, and Canada with20%.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, gypsum wallboardimports for 1Q16 were 91 000 t, equivalent toabout 10.1 million m2.These imports were 14% more than those of 4Q15 and 25% more than those of 1Q15.Mexico was the source of 52% of wallboard imports, followedby Canada with 47%.Wallboard exports to 42 countries and territories in 1Q16 were 181 000 t, equivalent to 20.1 millionm2. These were slightlymore than those of 4Q15 and 13% less thanthose of 1Q15. Most wallboard exports wereshipped to 31 Western Hemisphere countries, with Canadaaccounting for 93%.

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