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Mexican cement prices continue rising

World Cement,

Having risen to one of their highest peaks in December last year, a recent poll by Banamex has shown that cement prices in Mexico have risen by a further 0.6% over the new year, with rates now reaching 123 Mexican Pesos per bag.

The cities of Merida and Yucatan experienced a 3% price rise, Mexico City and Aguasclientes saw prices rise by 1% whilst the majority of other regions experienced either very minimal rises or no rise at all. In some areas, such as Guadalajara, Tijuana and Chihuahua prices actually fell by an average of 1%.

Although the rise in prices was, on average, relatively insignificant, there are signs that they will continue to rise in the coming months. One reason for this is that a leading producer, Cemex, stated that it would raise prices by 3% in order to cover the cover the costs of rising energy prices that it faced across its cement, concrete, and aggregate businesses. According to Fernando Gonzalez, the price increases should allow Cemex to continue its efforts towards fuel efficiency savings.

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