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Recycling Steelmaking Slags in Cement

World Cement,

Steel industries generate large quantities of slags from their iron-making and steel-making processes. Iron making slags are recycled in cement making and steel-making slags are dumped because they are unsuitable for the cement industry owing to the high iron content and other impurities. Steel making slag is a non-uniform mix of compositional slags generated at different stages in the treatment and collectively dumped in a
common pit. With the introduction of a pre-treatment facility, individual slag segregation
and a granulation facility, of which there are few of its kind in the world, the steel melting
shop at the JSW Vijayanagar plant generates five different kinds of slags, each with a
different composition and suitability for recycling. To exploit this advantage, a detailed
investigation was carried out through lab scale studies to estimate the maximum permissible
limits of various individual steelmaking slags in cement making. Experiments were
conducted using these slags independently at different proportions in cement making and
compared for strength and setting time. Among all the slags used, 28-day strength for
granulated LD slag has been found to be 48 MPa and is similar to the present ironmaking
slag cement. This led to the development of a new route of recycling steelmaking slag in
cement making through the process of granulation. Granulated LD slag is presently being
used at JSW cement plant up to 10%.

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