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EPA should support resilient infrastructure, say PCA

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The Portland Cement Association has responded to EPA’s call to the National League of Cities to make sound investments to combat climate change by pointing out that opting for sustainable materials and resilient construction is key to any sound investment.

“Billions are spent each year on roads that need to be repaired after less than ten years, when we know how to build sustainable, resilient structures that last for decades,” said James G. Toscas, President and CEO at PCA. “Besides being potentially unsafe, bad roads cost the public money in terms of lower fuel economy and a less efficient transportation system. Improving the overall efficiency of any system will reduce waste, including waste in the form of releases to the environment. We plan to engage the EPA and other federal agencies to put durability and resiliency at the core of policy decisions that affect our infrastructure.”

Resilient communities operate efficiently, build long-lived robust structures, and are able to withstand and rebound from natural events. 

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