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Latest cement statistics: Latin America, MENA and Europe

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Latin America


Domestic cement sales came in at 881 360 t in Peru in December, according to the country’s cement association. Cement and clinker exports reached 37 491 t and 30 014 t, respectively, during the month. Cement dispatches for 2014 as a whole were 0.83% higher than the previous year.


Grey cement sales reached 557 786 t in Ecuador in December 2014, up on the 532 009 t sold in November. Approximately 6.47 million t of grey cement was dispatched in 2014. This compares to 6.6 million t in 2013.

MENA region


Cement consumption increased by almost 0.6% y/y in Morocco in December 2014, up from approximately 1.287 million t to 1.294 million t. However, consumption for the whole of 2014 was 5.41% lower than in 2013, falling from 14.864 million t to around 14.059 million t.


According to local press, cement production in Iran totalled 51.645 million t in the first nine months of the Iranian calendar year, which runs from 21 March to 21 December 2014. During this period, clinker production came in at 56.85 million t.


Canary Islands

Sales of cement in the Canary Islands declined by 1.6% y/y to around 451 704 t in 2014. In December 2014 alone, sales volumes of 33 000 t were reported, down on November’s 37 912 t. In Lanzarote, however, some 44 749 t was sold in 2014, up 7.8% y/y. In December, cement sales in Lanzarote came in at 3 523 t, up 2.6% m/m but down 8.3% y/y.

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