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USGS publication shows negative results for cement in December 2009

World Cement,

The USGS Mineral Industry Surveys publication "Cement in December 2009” has recently been published. This report provides monthly data on the shipments of cement to final customers, and the production of clinker, in the United States from January 2008 through the current month.1 Data on the imports of cement and clinker for the current month are also provided.

Total shipments of Portland and blended cement in the United States and Puerto Rico for December 2009 were about 3.8 million t. This was 23% lower than shipments in December 2008. Full year shipments were 70.1 million t, down by nearly 27% compared with those of 2008. The leading producing States (Texas, California, Florida, Missouri, and Pennsylvania, in descending order) shipped about 44% of the December total. The leading consuming States (Texas, California, Florida, Louisiana, and New York, in descending order) received about 41% of December's total shipments.

Clinker production totaled 2.7 million t, nearly 48% lower than production in December 2008. Many kilns were idle during the month. Full year production was 56.9 million t, down by about 29% compared with that of 2008. The leading clinker-producing States (Texas, California, Pennsylvania, Missouri, and Indiana, in descending order) produced nearly 50% of the December total.

Masonry cement shipments in December of about 129 000 t were almost 15% lower than shipments for December 2008. Shipments for the year were 2.15 million t, down by about 29% compared with those of 2008. The leading consuming States in December, in descending order, were Florida, Texas, California, North Carolina, and Georgia, and these States received almost 50% of December's total shipments.

December 2009 imports of cement and clinker of about 305 000 t were down by about 58% from imports in December 2008. Total year imports were 6.9 million t, down by about 40% compared with those of 2008.

1Footnoted revisions to the historical data are those received since the publication of the previous month’s edition of this report. Data for the current month may contain revisions (not indicated by footnotes) received since the publication of the preliminary edition of the current month’s report.

The full report can be found on the USGS website.

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