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ACI establishes new committees for natural pozzolans and nanotechnology of concrete

World Cement,

The American Concrete Institute (ACI) has announced the formation of two new technical committees: Committee 240, Natural Pozzolans, and Committee 241, Nanotechnology of Concrete.

Committee 240, Natural Pozzolans, will be chaired by Robert Neal. The committee will provide an improved focus and greater alignment of committee topics/projects that apply specifically to natural pozzolans. The ACI already operates a Committee 232, Flyash, Natural and Processed Pozzolans in Concrete. However, it was decided that a separate committee on natural pozzolans was needed as the use of natural pozzolan materials ‘may differ significantly from the classical applications of flyash’. According to the ACI, natural pozzolan production is expected to continue to rise in North America.

Committee 241 will be chaired by Konstantin Sobolev. Its task is to gather and disseminate information on the nanotechnology of concrete. This will include the following:

  • Update the terms, and reports, related to nanotechnology of concrete.
  • Develop guidelines and Tech-Notes on measurements and/or prediction of the performance of concrete with nano-additives.
  • Report on investigation, modification and modelling of the structure of cement-based materials at nano-level.
  • Report on application of nano-materials to improve the performance and sustainability of cement and concrete.
  • Report on development of smart materials and sensors based on nanotechnology for application in concrete.
  • Foster discussion on the selection of a reference material for comparing the effects of nano-materials.
  • Report on health, safety and environmental issues related to nanotechnology of concrete.

The new committees were formed at the 2014 ACI Technical Activities Committee Summer Meeting in Waimea, HI. The two committees are due to meet at the ACI Fall Convention, which will be held in Washington DC on 26 – 30 October.

ACI committee members are made up of 3000 volunteers, who help to develop the latest codes and reports related to concrete. Members include professionals from all levels and sectors of the concrete industry. The ACI notes that, while some committee members have been active for many years, students, young professionals and industry veterans from around the world are equally encouraged to volunteer.

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