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CAC supports Ontario government’s discussion paper on climate change

World Cement,

The Cement Association of Canada has welcomed the government’s discussion paper ‘Ontario’s Climate Change 2015’. The government of Ontario is inviting citizens, businesses and communities to share their ideas about the best means of tackling climate change whilst ensuring economic growth and the competitiveness of the region’s businesses.

“As a sector that plays a significant role in providing solutions for buildings, transportation and energy, the cement and concrete industry is strongly supportive of integrated approaches to climate change mitigation and adaptation,” said Bruno Roux, Chairman of the CAC and President and CEO of Lafarge Canada Inc. (Eastern Canada). “We welcome the Government of Ontario’s broad and holistic view of the challenges and opportunities that exist to reduce GHGs and build a more resilient society.”

“It is encouraging to see Premier Wynne’s government taking a leadership role to address the global threat of climate change,” added Michael McSweeney, President and CEO of the CAC. “We are eager to do our part to further reduce GHGs, including through the proposed new regulation enabling the use of low-carbon fuels in our sector while maintaining cross-border competitiveness, and we look forward to working with the government to ensure the full environmental impacts are factored into key decisions in such areas as transportation, buildings and energy production.”

The climate change discussion paper will be available for public comment and a number of consultations with local groups, communities, industry stakeholders, businesses and municipal representatives will be held throughout the province. The paper and subsequent discussion will consider action in the following areas:

  • Action in key sectors such as transportation, buildings, electricity, industry and agriculture (e.g., expanded public transit, energy efficient buildings, renewable energy).
  • Support science, research and technology to encourage the breakthroughs, discoveries and investments needed to reduce carbon use.
  • Promote climate resilience and risk management to ensure Ontario is prepared to effectively manage the risks of climate change.
  • Price on Carbon: carbon pricing can spur clean technology research and development as emitters look for ways to reduce carbon and manage risk. Pricing carbon is happening in a number of countries around the world, including in Canada with British Columbia's carbon tax, Alberta's intensity-based system and Quebec’s cap and trade programme, which is linked with California.

“Climate change is already costing Ontarians by threatening our communities, businesses and way of life. While Ontario is showing leadership in fighting climate change, we know we need to do more and we need to act fast,” said Glen R. Murray, Minister of the Environment and Climate Change. “Over the next few months, we will be asking citizens about their thoughts on how to fight climate change, foster economic growth and help secure a better future for this province for generations to come.”

The discussion paper can be found here.

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