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Latest cement sales figures from the US and Latin America

World Cement,


The USGS has released its latest Cement Mineral Industry Survey for the US and Puerto Rico. Shipments of Portland and blended cement totalled 4.8 million t in December 2012, a slight drop compared to the corresponding period in 2011. However, for the full year, shipments were up by 9% y/y to 79 million t. The top cement producers in December were Texas, California, Missouri, Florida and Pennsylvania, while Texas, California and Florida were the three biggest consumers in December 2012. Clinker production increased by 20% y/y to reach 5.4 million t in December, with the full year production figure coming in at 67.7 million t, up 9% y/y. Texas, California, Missouri, Florida and Pennsylvania were the biggest clinker producing states, accounting for 49% of total production levels in the US. Meanwhile, masonry cement shipments for the whole of 2012 grew by 6% y/y to 1.94 million t.

Latin America

Preliminary results indicate that domestic cement sales fell by 2.2% y/y in Brazil in February 2013, falling from 5.198 t million t to 5.082 million t. However, accumulated sales from January – February 2013 reached 10.631 million t, up 1.8% y/y. In Ecuador, cement sales increased from 395 047 t in February 2012 to 447 929 t in February 2013. Dispatches of Portland cement in Argentina came in at 839 223 t in February, including exports. This marked an 8.1% m/m decline but a rise of 7.1% y/y.

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