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Ash Grove Cement Company names Louisville plant as winner of its energy efficiency award 2014

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The Louisville plant, Nebraska, came in at first place in Ash Grove Cement Company’s Ash Grove Energy Management (AGem) Outstanding Plant of the Year Competition 2014.

AGem has been running since 2008, with eight of the company’s cement plants and two grinding facilities competing for top honours. Each month, the facilities are scored on 12 metrics related to energy use, efficiency and costs. The AGem process includes the entire plant workforce, in addition to overhead and support groups.

Every plant has its own AGem champion who coordinates activities such as meetings, idea promotion, idea solicitation and project evaluation. Plants partner with local and national vendors, utilities, energy suppliers, contractors, local and state governments in order to identify, finance and develop ideas. Many ideas are employee-led. In the last couple of years, projects have included the installation of LED lighting, variable frequency drive motors, high efficiency motors and more efficient processing equipment. The AGem programme achieved its goal of generating energy cost savings of US$20 million three years ago, and it now continues to drive additional savings.

The Louisville plant was recognised for its teamwork and high levels of employee engagement.

“Ash Grove created the AGem programme in order to improve efficiency, reduce emissions and continually look for new ways to drive sustainability in our operations,” said Andy Lippert, Ash Grove Corporate Energy Director. “The Louisville plant went above and beyond to make energy efficiency a top priority.”

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