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The latest cement sales figures from the US, Brazil and Argentina

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Cement consumption rises in Argentina

In August, sales of Portland cement came in at approximately 1.08 million t (including exports) in Argentina. This figure is 6% higher than the previous month of July 2013 and 25% higher than sales volumes in August 2012. Internal consumption alone increased by 6.9% m/m and 27.7% y/y.

Accumulated sales increase in Brazil

In Brazil, 6.412 million t of cement was sold on the domestic market in August compared to 6.487 million t in the corresponding month last year. However, accumulated sales in January – August 2013 reached 46.4 million t, up 1.9% y/y.

Clinker production levels remain steady in the US

The USGS’s latest cement report reveals that shipments of Portland and blended cement in the US and Puerto Rico totalled 7.6 million t in June 2013. Shipments in 1H13 remained level y/y at 37.2 million t. Texas, Missouri, California, Michigan and Florida produced 45% of the total cement shipments in June, while Texas, California, Florida, Ohio and Illinois were the biggest consumers.

Clinker production reached 6.3 million t in June alone and increased to 32.4 million t in January – June 2013. The three states that produced the highest amount of clinker were Missouri, Texas and California.

Shipments of masonry cement grew 5% y/y to 992 000 t in the first six months of the year. Around 177 00 t was sold in June alone.

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