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Cemex recognised for quarry restoration project in the US

World Cement,

On Thursday, 2 December 2010, nearly 100 state and local officials, community partners, representatives from the Wildlife Habitat Council (USA), educators, students and neighbours recognised Cemex’s FEC Quarry operations at a Five Star Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) celebration for its extensive wildlife habitat management and educational work. The ceremony at the Cemex FEC Quarry, located in Miami, helped honour the work by employees and their Five Star Partners, including the Wildlife Habitat Council, Miami-Dade Limestone Product Association, Florida International University, MacVicar, Federico & Lamb, and Kelly Tractor Company.

“We’re honored to stand with our partners in receiving this recognition. It highlights the strong community spirit and the partnerships we’ve successfully built to promote conservation and environmental education,” said Gilberto Perez, President of Cemex USA.

The quarry began an extensive partnership with the Miami-Dade school system in 2006 when it was awarded a US$ 15 000 restoration grant from the EPA to create a 2 acre natural vegetated shoreline along the quarry’s wildlife and conservation lake. This restoration project, completed in the fall of 2008, has provided habitat for numerous native plant and animal species. Local elementary, middle, and high school students helped plant the two acres, and graduate students from Florida International University, Landscape Architecture Program, have studied and developed landscape designs that they hope will be the future of the wildlife area.

During the celebration, students spoke on their experience and showcased their landscape designs. Christopher Sanchez, one of the original students that participated in the planting, shared that his experience at Cemex was an important catalyst in helping him decide to pursue his education and career in science. Sanchez graduated as valedictorian of his class of 770 students and is now studying biology at the University of Miami.

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