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Concrete Supply Co. adopts CarbonCure Technology

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Concrete Supply Co. is a thriving American business that is leading efforts to bring innovative methods that can improve the quality and sustainability of concrete products to the forefront of the market. The company is now one of a handful of leading concrete producers across the US that has adopted CarbonCure Ready Mixed Technology.

The CarbonCure Technology uses recycled carbon dioxide (CO2) gas to improve the compressive strength of concrete. The CO2 is collected from the smokestacks of nearby polluters and injected into the concrete mix, where it becomes chemically converted into a solid mineral. The mineralisation process makes the concrete stronger, which enables concrete producers to optimise their mixes. With this technology, the concrete required for a typical small high-rise development may prevent as much as 400 000 pounds of CO2 from entering the earth’s atmosphere.

Concrete Supply Co. has always prioritised sustainability – even when the company was struggling to survive in 2010, CEO Henry Batten was a leading participant in the development of the MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub, a research group at MIT dedicated to improving the sustainability of cement and concrete production and the durability, energy efficiency and resilience of concrete buildings and pavements. Batten has continued to serve as Co-Chairman of the MIT Industry Advisory Council, which guides the direction of the Concrete Sustainability Hub and its research.

When Batten first heard about CarbonCure, he immediately recognised the technology as a natural evolution of the concrete industry’s quest to provide quality products manufactured with waste material.

“Concrete Supply Co.’s success can largely be attributed to our dedication to our customers, our employees, and our community,” says Batten. “We are an employee-owned, American-owned company with long standing employees who care deeply about their community and the environment. Adopting the CarbonCure Technology made perfect sense for us as it helps us achieve our objective of providing high quality, sustainable products for our clients.”

Concrete Supply Co. will begin supplying concrete made with the CarbonCure Technology this spring. Batten hopes that his sustainable concrete will attract business from architects, engineers and contractors who are seeking to reduce the environmental impact of their building projects.

“Being a leader in sustainability is simply a smart way to do business,” says Batten. “Yes, focusing on the bottom line is important, but the reality is that if we can also improve our process and reduce our carbon footprint, that’s a big win. At the end of the day, we’re contributing toward a stable economy and a sustainable future, and that’s important too.”

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