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New cement production lines under construction in Venezuela

World Cement,

Venezuela’s new Minister of Industry, José David Cabello, has taken to Twitter to announce that three new cement production lines with a capacity of 3.2 million tpa are under construction. According to Cabello, Venezuela’s cement industry comprises 20 cement production lines with a total capacity of 9.09 million tpa. There are plans to increase cement production in the country by around 3.65 million tpa over the next couple of years. In other tweets, Cabello stated that cement production remained stable and that some US$850 million was being invested in expanding the sector’s production capacity.

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro appointed José David Cabello as the new Minister of Industry at the end of March, succeeding General Wilmer Barrientos. The former Minister of Industry recently stated that cement production in the country increased by 12% in 1Q14.

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