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Gypsum production down, but sales up in July 2009

World Cement,

According to thw USGS, some 783 000 t of gypsum was mined during July this year. Output decreased by 6% from that of June 2009 and was 53% less than the revised output data for July 2008. 

Synthetic gypsum production was 657 000 t in June 2009, which was 16% more than that of June 2009 and 9% less than that of July 2008. During July 2009, synthetic gypsum accounted for about 36% of the 1.82 million t total supply of gypsum in the US.

Sales of uncalcined gypsum in July 2009, mainly for Portland cement manufacture and agricultural uses, were 466 000 t, 15% more than June 2009 and 35% more than July 2008. 

Output of calcined gypsum for July 2009 was 1.19 million t, 4% more than that of June 2009 and 28% less than that of July 2008. Sales of board products were 1.4 million t, equivalent to approximately 156 million m2 (1.69 billion ft.2), an increase of 8% from June 2009 and 23% less than July 2008.

According to the US Census Bureau, imports of crude gypsum in July 2009 were 381 000 t, an increase of 4% from June 2009 and 50% less than July 2008. The US imported crude gypsum from three countries in July. Of these, Canada accounted for 73%, followed by Mexico with 18%, and Spain with 9%. Gypsum wallboard imports were 17 400 t, equivalent to 1.93 million m2 (21 million ft.2). These imports were up slightly from those of June 2009 but 34% less than those of July 2008.

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