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NETL invests in research project with Solidia Technologies

World Cement,

The US Department of Energy’s National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) is providing funding for a research project investigating the mechanical strength, water use and curing time of Solidia Cement™-based concrete. NETL is providing the ongoing project with US$1.1 million in funds through its Carbon Storage Technology Programme, with Solidia Technologies® investing US$1 million. The funding is in line with NETL’s aim of supporting the development of technologies that could reduce GHG emissions.

The project’s most recent investigations have focused on water distribution in concrete during the drying and curing process and how this can be controlled to achieve the shortest curing time. The studies have found that Solidia Concrete™ can cure in under 24 hours whilst retaining a high strength.

The next stage of the project will look at the material’s CO2 reduction and storage capability on a prototype scale at a commercial concrete plant.

“As an alternative building material with a lower carbon footprint, Solidia Cement is an excellent example of the innovative technologies DOE’s Carbon Storage Programme advances in its mission to promote solutions for reducing CO2 emissions,” said Traci Rodosta, NETL Carbon Storage Technology Manager. “We’re hopeful that the commercial success of Solidia Cement will encourage the view that CO2 has untapped value as a commodity.”

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