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USGS gypsum report for 4Q15

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Producers mined 2.96 million t of gypsum in 4Q15, which is 8% more than in 3Q15 but 10% less than 4Q14. 1.76 million t of synthetic gypsum was used – 27% less than 3Q15 and 28% lower than 4Q14. The large drop was the result of a noted useage decrease by a leading synthertic gypsum consumer.

Sales of uncalcined gypsum in 4Q15, which were mainly for portland cement manufacture and for agricultural uses, came to 702 000 t. This was 49% more than those of 3Q15 and 28% more than those of 4Q14. The large upturn was a result of an increase in the reporting of gypsum used specifically for agricultural purposes. The supply of calcined gypsum for 4Q15 was 3.69 million t, which was 8% less than that of 3Q15 and 9% less than 4Q14. Sales of board products were 4.79 million t, equivalent to approximately 534 million m3, which were slightly less than those of 3Q15 and 4% less than those of 4Q14. According to the US Census Bureau, imports of crude gypsum in 4Q15 were 1.04 million t, unchanged from those of 3Q15 and slightly less than those of 4Q14. Canada and Mexico were each the sources of 34% of crude gypsum imports, followed by Spain with 32%.

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