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Power generation in the US

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Research conducted by Timetric’s Construction Intelligence Centre (CIC) and published in the report ‘Project Insight: Power Generation Construction Projects in the Americas’, has found that the value of power generation projects in the US accounts for 49% of the total value of projects in the Americas. The total value of projects estimated for the Americas over the next few years is US$792.6 billion, with US$387.5 billion of this in the US.

The US leads in all power generation sectors in the America with the exception of hydroelectricity and oil.

Within the US, the nuclear sector has the highest value of projects at an estimated US$121.5 billion. Wind energy comes in second at US$106.4 billion. The highest value project is the US$22 billion Mariah Wind Farm. Aside from this project, the remaining nine of the top ten highest value energy projects in the US are in the nuclear sector.

“Reliable power generation is key to the development of countries in both North and South America, and although the US has an advanced system, there are strategic choices that need to be made relating to investment in renewables and reducing dependence on fossil fuels and the nuclear sector,” said Neil Martin, Manager at Timetric’s CIC.

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